Posted: March 6, 2015 at 8:49 pm By: Howard. Category: Consumer Voice

I was away from my home in naples Fl. for a few weeks while on a business trip in W. Palm Beach Fl. I had injury on my right hand a few weeks prior, my bone in my finger was not healing correctly, and my finger started to look a little infected.

I went to “Good Samaritan” hospital to hopefully have my finger bone straightened where it was bent out of proper alignment.

The ER. doctor looked at it and sent a nurse in to put a topical cream on it and wrap it in gauze…..and said there was nothing else they could do for the injury. I left without my main concern being dealt with and to add insult to injury (excuse the pun)….I was billed approximately $500.00 for the gauze wrap. Everything in Palm Beach is expensive…..caviar, yachts, and apparently gauze. Being without insurance and needing health care shouldn’t mean financial exploitation.

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