icon_aboutHOOP – Healthcare Out Of Pocket

HOOP represents patients paying for most of their day to day medical expenses out of pocket due to either a high deductible plan or lack of health insurance.   We offer an efficient and transparent way to compare provider prices and find practices and facilities that offer prompt pay discounts for services and procedures.   In the sometimes complicated world of healthcare, HOOP delivers a practical, simple solution for comparing cost and choosing healthcare providers.

HOOP was created by a physician-led group to address the concerns of patients who pay for healthcare out-of-pocket.  As a physician, HOOP’s founder observed the increasingly complicated landscape of healthcare billing, insurance co-pays, deductibles, and fees for services.  She saw how lack of affordable insurance hinders patients from finding quality healthcare at affordable pricing.  As a health-care consumer, she also personally experienced just how difficult and frustrating it can be to find the best price for healthcare services.  With an appreciation for the concerns of both providers and patients, HOOP seeks to provide a solution that makes life easier for both.

HOOP is neither health insurance nor is it a referral service.  We simply provide tools for motivated healthcare consumers to easily find and compare cost information for needed services.