icon_providersHOOP Provider FAQ’s

Patients are using HOOP to find medical services.  Providers list their services, offers and cash discounts.

  • HOOP offers patients an efficient and transparent way to compare prices and find practices and facilities that offer cash and/or hoop member discounts for services and procedures.
  • HOOP members are employees of local companies that offer membership to their employees, individual patients joining as members as referred to us by other providers.
  • HOOP connects those patients with a practice or facility like yours.
  • The implementation of Obamacare may result in some patients finding that their providers are no longer in the network covered by their insurance plan.  HOOP provides these patients with the opportunity to keep the physician they have without incurring prohibitively high costs.
  • HOOP enables providers to utilize an entrepreneurial approach to providing healthcare services while simplifying administrative processes.
  • Founded by a physician-led group, HOOP can be considered a trusted, reputable manner in which to find healthcare.


 How does HOOP deliver value to my practice/facility?

Your listing provides exposure to healthcare consumers and provides your practice/facility with a direct-to-patient marketing presence. It provides you with a new way to receive referrals rather than waiting on traditional physician referrals. You are able to  attract both, patients with high deductible plans and without insurance by providing market competitive cash discounts.  Prompt Pay and HOOP member discount offers are listed before others and services become highlighted for our members to find you faster.

Partnering with HOOP is beneficial to you by allowing you to:

  • Attract new patients to your practice.
  • Increase your practice visibility among new patients actively searching for providers.
  • Market your practice to local self-pay consumers.
  • Increase collections at the time of service, increasing cash flow and minimizing bad debt.
  • Avoid high error rates of claims repricing by TPA’s.
  • Gain access to data derived from patient surveys.

Why would I want my practice to offer cash and/or HOOP discounts?

In short, it increases revenue.   Members will find your practice and travel a distance to benefit from your offer. By accepting a cash payment, your practice/facility gets paid now. You don’t have to wait for payments from patients or insurance companies, and your practice does not incur additional billing expenses.

According to the AMA, 30% of claims are paid inaccurately.  Typically, the physician practice will spend between $14 and $25 for each claim audited and appealed.  By accepting cash upfront, HOOP allows you to collect more money based on a fee that you set.

The AMA also states that typically private payers apply additional proprietary black box edits that reduce fees further. The AMA study found that on average providers receive $5.15 below their contracted rate. These proprietary edits are usually not disclosed to providers. Again, HOOP further eliminates the frustration of having your fees reduced. HOOP allows you to avoid re-pricing or price edits by insurance companies and to receive cash directly into your practice/facility.

How can I update my pricing information?

Use Provider Sign up for to securely upload your new fee schedule, practice locations and discounts.    HOOP will email you a link with your listing for review.