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Portrait Of Doctor In Doctor's OfficeThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) will cause a major expansion in the number of patients with high-deductible health insurance.  This fact has substantial implications for patients, health care providers, and employers.  For example, health-care providers will likely see a dramatic rise in bad debt resulting from more patients paying more of a share of their own health-care costs.

HOOP represents patients who are covering increasingly higher share of their healthcare cost out of pocket.   They are individual HOOP members, local employees and patients referred to us from other providers, who are looking for medical services they need.  HOOP invites you to start offering our members your services, prompt-pay discounts and HOOP member discounts.


  1. Attract new patients to your practice.
  2. Market your practice to local self-pay consumers.
  3. Increase collections at the time of service and minimize bad debt.
  4. Avoid high error rates of claims repricing by TPA’s.
  5. Increase your practice visibility among new patients actively searching for providers.
  6. Benchmark your charges with local average.


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